Your stylist, Favorite Stylist

Frequently Asked


Why Should I hire a personal Stylist?

Personal stylist often sees color schemes and patterns that the common person wouldn’t. It’s okay to have an expert who can advise you on style and colors that fit your personality.


Who do you work with?

I work with anyone who identify as male. I’ve worked with corporate, pastors, pro athletes, business owners, etc.


What is your styling preference? What makes you different than other stylist?

I think of myself as, “Your Stylist, Favorite Stylist!” I bring the celebrity out in people and make them feel like the most important person in the world. I also work with all social economic status, so I appeal to a larger audience. 


How would you describe your style?

Flashy, modest, corporate, classy, colorful, risky, but always on point. 


How does style affect someone personally or professionally?

Sometimes the first impression is the last impression. When your dressed you should feel confident and feel good about yourself. You should thrive to look your best at all times for all occasions!